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Let CLS process your South African Police clearance certificate

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If you are a non-citizen planning to reside or work in New Zealand, be aware that a police clearance certificate will be required for the purpose of visa eligibility determination CLS Capital Link Services Offers fast and efficient online South African Police clearance certificate processing.

Before working or residing within New Zealand you must meet the visa requirements, which includes being assessed against the visa’s Character Requirements. These requirements include the submission of a police clearance certificate, obtained from countries lived in for 12 months or more in the last 10 years.

Why choose CLS?

By utilising our services, we provide our clients with the following services:

  • Single point of contact to for status of Police clearance certificate processing – this results in the client only needing to contact our office rather than constantly contacting the South African criminal centre to establish how the certificate process is progressing;
  • Access to all necessary visa requirements and provide required forms online;
  • Review of police clearance application to ensure correct documents, fees etc are provided and meet the expectation of relevant police clearance lodgement;
  • Secure lodgement of police clearance applications to the criminal record centre by CLS agent in Pretoria;
  • Secure collection of Police clearance certificate from the criminal record centre by CLS agent in Pretoria when it has been issued;
  • Access to the CLS website to obtain up-to-date status on how Police clearance certificate processing is progressing
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