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Korea - Entry visa

CLS service charges: 
$46.00 NZD

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Additional Requirements

Please review visa requirements below before making selections.

General Information

All embassy visa fees that Capital Link Services pay on your behalf incur a $6 money order purchase fee, and 2.5% credit card processing fee.

You must send your physical passport; copies cannot be used for visa issuance. Your passport must be valid and contain sufficient blank visa pages. Visas are stamps affixed to the blank "visa" pages of your passport. Amendment pages (clearly marked as such) in the back of your passport are not acceptable for visa issuance. The passport's expiration date must be greater than six months from the date you plan to depart the country you intend to visit. If your passport does not meet the requirements, you must renew your passport or obtain a new one prior to obtaining the visa.

Passport-Style Photographs
Passport photographs must meet Passport Photograph Regulations; recently taken and showing current appearance on a plain, white background. Ensure that there is no damage to these photos and do not staple or glue the photos to the application.

General Information
Any foreign visitor wishing to enter the Republic of Korea should have a valid passport and a visa. If you want to visit Korea for a stay of more than 90 days, you must obtain a Korean visa before commencing a travel to Korea. Canadian citizens, however, can enter Korea without a Korean visa for a stay of up to 6 months. But, if the Canadian citizens wish to engage in remunerative activities during their stay in Korea, they also must obtain a Korean visa appropriate to their purpose.

There are two types of Visa-free entry's for South Korea:
1.Visa-free entry by Visa Waiver Agreements: Nationals of those countries which have visa waiver agreements with Korea can enter without visas, on the condition that they should not engage in remunerative activities during their stay in Korea.
2.Visa-free Entry for tour and transit: A tourist may stay in Korea for 30 days without a visa provided that he/she has proof of transportation out of the country and sufficient funds for the stay. (with the exception of some countries).€Canadians (only tourist) can also enter the Republic of Korea without visas for a stay of up to six months. Australian passport holder may stay for up to 90 days without visa (only for transit/tourist). Other transit tourists bound for another country are also allowed to enter without a visa.

Others who are allowed to enter South Korea without a visa include:
-Frequent visitors
-Japanese tourists
-Those with special entry arrangements for the Jeju island
-APEC Business Travel Card holders
-Europe bound Chinese transit tourists
-Re-entry Permit holders

Visa Requirements
Applicants physical passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
One (1) recently-taken passport-size photograph
Visa application: Please Note that when filling out the visa application form, you must type or print neatly and clearly. If you need additional applications, please make copies of the form. The form must be completed fully and signed and dated were applicable.
A certificate for Recognition of Visa Issuance, if applicable.
Other documents each category of visa may require additionally
Applicable Visa Fees, see below for current prices and acceptable forms of payment.

Business visas also require:
An itinerary, a letter of invitation from the company/business in Korea as well as an Australian business letter to prove purpose and dates of visit, and if it is a multi a certificate of registration of company is needed.

Visa application should be made to the Korean Embassy (if you are residing in ACT, VIC, SA, WA and TAS only). If you are reside in NSW, QLD and NT, please contact the South Korean Consulate-General in Sydney.
If you plan to stay in Korea for more than 90 days, you must get a special long-term visa.
Visitors who plan to stay in Korea for longer than 90 days must obtain visas before entering Korea.

Embassy Visa Fees 
Single entry visa for a stay of less than 90 days A$45.00
Single entry visa for a stay of more than 90 days A$75.00
Multiple entry visa A$120.00
Extension of Re-entry Permit A$45.00

Processing Time
Normally, your visa will be available the 7th working day after you submit all the required documents. Processing time is seven working days on most occasions however this frequently changes as per the embassy.

The above estimated fees are for Consulate/Embassy visa fees and CLS processing fees:
• The fees above are quoted for ONE Australian passport holder traveller
• For payment of visa fees via money order, an additional $6.00 will be charged for the purchase of the money order
• For return courier, additional fees will be incurred.
• A full breakdown of the fees is provided on the payment page.

Once the applicant has completed all required forms and documentation, signed were applicable; please provide it along with the applicant's passport to CLS' office in Canberra. After all of the correct documentation has been received, we will begin the visa processing stage in association with the Embassy or Consulate.
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